All drivers will be required to take their temperature before every shift and text me a photo of their results. Drivers will not be allowed to work until they photo has been sent. If their temperature is above 100 degrees, then they have to stay at home. If symptom of Covid appear such as cough and runny nose and aches then they will have to take a test. If they test positive then we will contact the passengers he or she picked up and let them know. They will be stopped from working for a minimum of 2 weeks.

If our drivers were exposed by a passenger, then they will have to take a test immediately and will not be able to work until test result come back negative. Drivers will be required to isolate for 2 weeks starting from the date of possible exposure.

Since we are private, all groups will either be same households or groups that are staying together.

Will be providing employees with and where to find accurate information about COVID-19, its symptoms, and how it spreads.

Will make sure all vehicles have hand sanitizer and disposable wipes and cleaning products so that commonly touched vehicle surfaces can be wiped down by drivers.

Will also provide surgical masks if the clients doesn’t already have one. All passengers will be required to wear masks and we will be taking everyones temperature before entering the vehicle. If they say that they are exempt, then they are welcome to take another ride. Our mask policy will be on their confirmation email. I and we will let the lodge know for their safety. f the passenger does have a fever, he or she will not be let inside the vehicle. Will refund 100%

Passengers ride will be contactless. All payments can be done online or by phone.

We will modify all vans with better ventilation such as roof top vents and windows that open. Our van capacity is 11 passengers. Will ask our passengers to sit as far back as possible to make space between our drivers and clients.

Will hand spray with their disinfectant in between every ride. We currently use Lysol Disinfectant spray (EPA) Reg No. 777-99. The disinfectant spray will stay on surface for a minimum of 2 minutes for it to work against Covid before being wiped up. We will also require all drivers to drive around for a few minutes with all windows down to clear the air for the vehicle.

All drivers will be required to wear masks and disposable gloves during each ride and limit the handling of luggage if possible. All gloves will be either discarded right away if possible or put into a sealed bag to be discarded when possible.

Driver will open and close all doors for the client to limit the amount of places that the clients touch.

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